Teacup Pigs for Sale

Teacup pigs, miniature pigs, micro-miniature pigs, mini pigs, micro pigs. Whatever you want to call them, there are the most adorable and sweetest little piglets you will ever lay your eyes on.
Gold fish were awesome but no personality. Maybe you had your fill of dogs and cats with their ticks and fleas. Hamsters were kind of messy. Maybe you are in the market for an animal that is just out of this world. One that will love you forever and yes, one that doesn't bark. I think you will just love having a teacup pig as a new addition to your family.
Teacup pigs are ranked as the fourth smartest animal on planet earth. So yes they are smart, generally non-allergenic because pigs have hair not fur, odor free because they don't sweat, adorable, inexpensive to feed each month and will bond with the family like the dickens.
 Our operation started due to the enormous love we have for all animals, especially our miniature pigs. You will be amazed at the amount of intelligence and love our teacup pigs possess. We are located in central, Florida approximately one hour south of Ocala. We are miniature pig breeders of the most adorable and lovable micro mini pigs you will ever meet.

 Our adorable micro miniature piglets are all raised as our own pets. All of our teacup pigs have been handled since the day they were born. They are calm, laid back, sweet, adorable micro piglets. We are not a large breeding farm; we are a small loving family which allows us to give special one on one attention to our micro miniature piglets.


This is my pig, Sophia, I got her from about a month ago. My parents took me out there so I could pick my little baby. Jeanie's pig farm was so amazing! It wasn't smelly, all the pigs were clean, and healthy. It's definitely the best I've seen. I can tell she loves what she does and she truly cares for each and every animal she has. Going to her farm was probably the best experience in my life. She answered all my questions and gave me great pointers I could use for my pig. All the pigs were friendly and fun. I would recommend to anyone looking for a piggy to check here for their perfect fit.

Another happy family. Miniature pigs really are adorable, sweet animals.

This is the essence of our business. Snuggle time.

Do your micro miniature piglets like children. Nope. They love children. Yes our mini pigs are so loving.

This picture sums it up nicely. Need I say more?

OK one more time, need I say more?

I don't think this picture could get any cuter.

Nap time

Chill time

That's right, our miniature piglets stick out their tongues right when you snap the picture

This miniature pig found a best friend. A pit bull. They are inseparable.
This is actually a service pig, yes miniature pigs are that intelligent. He can go where other animals can't. This is his buddy a parrot. So more proof that a miniature pig loves all types of different animals.
Here is a picture of Pigglesworth on a beautiful spring day in North Dakota. What a handsome son of a gun.
Another happy family.

Happy, happy family

Good night, buddy

The awful deplorable conditions our poor miniature piglets have to endure, and in air conditioning to boot. Poor, poor piggy.

Time for a nap with my buddy

BFF's (Best friends forever)

Meet Joshua and Shyanne. Bottle fed since day 1. Actually since 5 minutes old.

A picture of Joshua and Shyanne's butts. These two micro miniature piglets are snuggled up with their bear-bear. How adorable.

More pictures of Joshua and Shyanne

Another happy family with their mini pig.

Car ride with Mommy




Looks like a Bears fan

Come here my darling and give me a kiss

A miniature piglet with his new family.

Fancy meeting you here

My husband took this picture on the way home from work. Double rainbows. I know, nothing to do with mini pigs for sale but I though I would share it with you.

A picture of one of our cat's, Cobbie. What a bond he has developed with our micro mini piglets they literally go crazy for each other . This picture also shows the condition our miniature pigs are raised in.

Lucy is happy and well!  She lets anyone pet her, and will sit in the most comfortable lap of the group.  She sleeps INSIDE my pajamas with me at night. She loves sunbathing on our back porch. She is such a daredevil.  We have cushions and pillows everywhere for her safety.  We leave one cushion off the sofa so she can get up easily.  She is such fun!

Anyone care to Tango?

I bet no one will see me if I lay real still.

Hey you, down here.
Taking a little ride

Typical day for our miniature piglets.

This letter is the essence of our business.

Hello Jeanie,

I just want to send you a HUGE thank you for all that you do for us and

our little Peaches. We got her from you over a year ago and we love her

so much. She has become a part of our family. She walks around the house

like one of the dogs and loves to be cuddled during our tv time. As my

daughter says, Peaches is adorable, perfect and totally awesome!


Because of your website and verbal input we were able to introduce our

children & dogs to Peaches successfully and without any injuries or

trauma. Even my husband, who doesn't care for animals, has grown to love

her. Not to mention all the wonderful advice your website

"" has provided for us.


I really want all of your followers and future purchasers to know what an

awesome breeder you are for micro mini teacup piglets. Your love for all

of them is so genuine. Over a year after our purchase you're still

available to me by phone for any questions and concerns I've had. You're

great at reassuring me everything is okay when we needed it the most. You

truly are just a phone call away.


Thank you so much for all your support! There isn't a better breeder out




The Kuczmarski Family


Let's play, can you find the piggy.

A close up of Roscoe

Do your mini pig like other animals? Nope, they sure don't. They love other animals.

Our adorable mini pig with their new family.


One of our adorable miniature pig's with his new family.


Our adorable teacup pig with their new family.


Our adorable micro pig with their new family.

Our adorable mini pig with their new family.


Our adorable teacup pig with their new family.

One of our mean and nasty teacup piglet with their new family. Just kidding.

Then I asked them if it was OK if I could post their pictures and they said,

Absolutely!  Thank you for such an awesome pet.  K and D



So I am often asked,"How friendly are your piggies, honestly"? This piggy arrived at their new home which is Las Vegas on February 14, 2014. These pictures were sent to me on February 22, 2014. Not bad for only 8 days. Doesn't hurt that Karen and Del are awesome parents. Here is an actual e-mail from them,

Hi there, just wanted to say thank you so much for our little lovebug.  She is pure joy and fun.  She loves going for walks and to snuggle up for a nap any time we are sitting still.  Karen and Del in Las Vegas

Can you say "Happy Family".

Ain't(yes ain't) I a cutey with my blue eyes?

I see you

Do your miniature pigs get along well with dogs? Let's take a look.

Here is a picture of our new arrivals. "Hey Bro, wake up so we can wrestle".

1...2...3 You're out, I win.

Laurel and Hardy

Here is a follow up from Cindy. She was so happy with her first piggy she bought from us that she had to get a second one.

Hi Jeannie it's me Cindy. Twilight and Twinkies mommy. Just wanted to update everyone on my two angels I got from you. They are my babies. Very spoiled but very fun. I recently broke my leg in a car accident. They are with me all the time now since I am not able to do much. I never had a pet so attached to me as my pigs. Twilight my female is a little ornery and gets into whatever she can but still wants to be with mom when she is done being nosey. Twinkie my male on the other hand is such a mommy's boy he always is by me wanting held and loved on.  Twilight turned 1 on Thursday and weighs six big whooping pounds.  Twilight was a year in June and weighs a whole 3 1/2 pounds. I listen to what you tell me to feed them and they are doing good. Very smart animals. Twinkie just started giving me kisses and play biting me. Not hard and then he gives me piggy kisses. He is so mellow and a all around sweet piggy. Jeannie has helped me so much on learning what there is to know about these amazing animals. If anyone is looking to buy a pig. I suggest you talk to Jeannie. She always answers any questions I ask. She also enjoys seeing pictures or hearing how her babies are doing. Most breeders just forget about them when they leave. Not her she loves her pigs.  What a wonderful person she is.  Thank you Jeannie for introducing me to my babies. I just love them.

E-mail me at [email protected], call or text me at 813-625-0113.

How elegant

Go ahead, make my day!
Just thought I would share some pictures of little Geena getting bottle fed. She was cute I just had to post her pictures. Isn't she adorable!

What a little piggy.

Here are some pictures of Creamy's babies. 

Mommy is that a feed bucket in your hand?


Little Sugar getting ready to bust, still only an amazing 24 pounds.

Sugar's little babies taking a snooze.

Sugar's gang in action.

Even our vet was surprised that Sugar had a litter of 5.

Nene's Micro Piggy Farm

Home of the sweetest most adorable little (I do mean little) piggies you ever laid eyes on.

Located in Central, Florida

As always if for some reason a piggy does not suit your family or lifestyle, we will gladly accept it back. Sorry no refunds.

Our adorable little piggies are completely checked from head to tail for any type of swine health issues by an awesome veterinarian experienced with all different farm animals. When we ship out our little darlings, they are 100% certified healthy. 

My husband taking a break from building piggy pens with Arnold our little rescued pig. (Little?) Arnold is the one on the left if you weren't sure.
Hold on, here we go!!!!!

Don't text when you are driving, no talking on the phone, don't be home too late; I know daddy, I know.

Vroom,  vroom.

More pictures...

World smallest piggy ?

This May 20, 2012 our little Dotty will be one year old. I know pigs don't stop growing until they are 2-3 years of age but Dotty weighs in at an astonishing 3 pounds and 9 ounces. World smallest pig, probably not but she is a little bundle of tiny. We placed a 12 ounce can of Sprite in front of Dotty so you can get an idea of how tall she is.

Drum roll please... Here's Dotty

The gang as little tikes.
My little Sugar.

A picture of little Reddy. The most beautiful little red piggy you ever laid eyes on. Sorry she is not for sale.

Kind of blurry but still adorable, a picture of our little Sugar. She's not for sale even for 2 million dollars. Daddy's little girl.


You better have another bottle ready, or else!

No farm would be complete without having some chickens.

Morning already ?

Just some more pictures of our happy customers with their adorable little piggies. These two look like trouble.

Here is a picture of my dad supervising the move. He was a great help that day.

Miss Prissy                                                                  Let's snuggle

Here's is a picture of Petey- eye. Love that patch!

Another picture of our guard turtle.

Here is a picture of our non piggy family.
Canny sleeping with our pet piggy, Pearl.
Meet Elvis, THE KING. Don't you wish you were one of my piggies.

You looking at me? What! I can take you!!!

What??? You got proof!!!


Tell me it doesn't look like they posed for this picture. Our new babies.

Super adorable

People often ask "Are your piggies healthy and strong"? Here is the evidence, just look at what one of our piglets took down at there new home. Pure instinct!!

So you ask "how well do your miniature pigs get along with other animals"?

People often ask where I am located. I often tell them in Florida, but it doesn't really matter because I ship anywhere. Some ask which states do I ship to. So I will list them here for you.

Teacup pigs for sale in Alabama, Teacup pigs for sale in Alaska, Teacup pigs for sale in Arizona Teacup pigs for sale in Arkansas, Teacup pigs for sale in California, Teacup pigs for sale in Colorado Teacup pigs for sale in Connecticut, Teacup pigs for sale in Delaware, Teacup pigs for sale in Florida Teacup pigs for sale in Georgia, Teacup pigs for sale in Hawaii, Teacup pigs for sale in Idaho Teacup pigs for sale in Illinois, Teacup pigs for sale in Indiana, Teacup pigs for sale in Iowa Teacup pigs for sale in Kansas, Teacup pigs for sale in Kentucky, Teacup pigs for sale in Louisiana Teacup pigs for sale in Maine, Teacup pigs for sale in Maryland, Teacup pigs for sale in Massachusetts, Teacup pigs for sale in Michigan, Teacup pigs for sale in Minnesota, Teacup pigs for sale in Mississippi Teacup pigs for sale in Missouri, Teacup pigs for sale in Montana, Teacup pigs for sale in Nebraska Teacup pigs for sale in Nevada, Teacup pigs for sale in New Hampshire, Teacup pigs for sale in New Jersey Teacup pigs for sale in New Mexico ,Teacup pigs for sale in New York, Teacup pigs for sale in North Carolina ,Teacup pigs for sale in North Dakota, Teacup pigs for sale in Ohio ,Teacup pigs for sale in Oklahoma, Teacup pigs for sale in Oregon, Teacup pigs for sale in Pennsylvania, Teacup pigs for sale in Rhode Island, Teacup pigs for sale in South Carolina, Teacup pigs for sale in South Dakota, Teacup pigs for sale in Tennessee, Teacup pigs for sale in Texas, Teacup pigs for sale in Utah, Teacup pigs for sale in Vermont, Teacup pigs for sale in Virginia, Teacup pigs for sale in Washington, Teacup pigs for sale in West Virginia, Teacup pigs for sale in Wisconsin, Teacup pigs for sale in Wyoming,


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